We Specialize in Twins and Triplets...

Daytime and Overnight hours * Trained and Professional Nannies * Experience in baby nursing and postpartum doulas * Very Competitive Prices

High Quality Care
Welcoming a new baby is a beautiful and overwhelming experience especially with twins or triplets.  First Touch understands just that and with today’s short period of hospitalization, new moms need as much help as possible.


Our mission is to define the standards of in home care for new mothers, baby and families by providing physical, emotional and educational support during the postpartum.  First Touch offers the highest quality baby nurses and postpartum through rigorous training and certification.



Studies show that a well rested mom will bond better with her newborn both physically and emotionally. We recognize that childbirth is just the beginning of many changes and periods of adjustment for the new mother, her baby and her family.


Why Struggle Unnecessarily?
When life present challenges family members feel the impact.  You don’t want loved ones to be alone, yet you may not be able to provide assistance as needed.  We will tailor our services and schedules to meet your needs and supplement the care provided by the family.  Tell us how we can make life easier for you.